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The former guard house  

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Place de la Cathédrale, 68000 Colmar

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Built on the former chapel Saint-Jacques (first mentioned in 1286) which served a time as town hall, the building has been converted in 1575 for secular purposes. Above a vaulted ossuary, the building had on the first floor a barrack room and rooms upstairs. The logia, built from 1577 to 1582, and its prolific decorative repertoire are with the portal a jewel of the Renaissance architecture in the Upper Rhine.

The building was also used for commercial ends. A nuts market and an oilseed market took place there and it was also a place of justice. The logia was then used as a grandstand by the magistrates at the announcement of the convictions. From 1860 onwards, the building was used as military housing offices and then as a police station.



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Place de la Cathédrale, 68000 Colmar
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