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The town Hall  

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48 rue des Clefs, 68000 Colmar

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The current form of the building is dating back to the late 18th century, and more exactly from 1775. The Cistercian monks from the abbey of Paris bought a property of Jean-Jacques Reiss, a bailiff from Ensisheim and Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine. Braconnot, steward of the abbey, asked the architect Ritter of Guebwiller to reconstruct the building in a neo-classic style, from 1778 to 1782. Confiscated during the Revolution, the building was firstly used by the administrative headquarters of the department in 1790, and then by the prefecture from 1810 to 1866, the year the building was bought by the city of Colmar to become its town hall.



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48 rue des Clefs, 68000 Colmar
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