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St Peter's Chapel  

Adress :
boulevard du Général Leclerc, 68000 Colmar

Descriptif lieu

On the Oberhof, one of the original nucleus of Colmar, stands since the 10th century the Saint Pierre priory, which is a property of the Swiss Benedictine abbey from Payerne. A roman church with two towers and which is possible to see on the older maps, was built in the 12th century and then replaced by the Jesuit chapel. The chapel was built from 1742 to 1750 by the architect from Strasbourg Jean-Paul Sarger. He used the stones of the former city fortification, destroyed in 1673. The simplicity of the building is decorated with a stucco decor.

From 1658 to 1679 the chapel was used by the protestant community of Colmar and then in 1698 by the Jesuits. After the dissolution of the Society of Jesus in 1765 the chapel became the chapel of the Collège Royal, which followed the Jesuit school.



boulevard du Général Leclerc, 68000 Colmar
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