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Christmas trees market

 Place Rapp

Christmas market - Place des Dominicains

 Place des Dominicains

Christmas Market - Gourmet Market

 Place de la Cathédrale

Children's Christmas Market - Petite Venise

 Petite Venise

Christmas market - Place de l'Ancienne Douane

 Place de l'Ancienne Douane

Christmas Market - Place Jeanne d'Arc

 Place Jeanne d'Arc

Handcraft christmasmarket - At the Koïfhus

 Au Koïfhus

African Christmas market

 Courtyard of the Natural History Museum

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The three Barlier Museums  

Adress :
90 Grand Rue, Garage Barlier
68240 Freland

Opening hours :
Visit by appointment. Contact Gabriel Barlier 03 89 47 58 30.

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Descriptif lieu

In a valley in the 'Welche' (French-speaking) region of Alsace, an ivy-covered building contains Ambroise Barlier's old smithy, the only water-powered forge visible in France, his own creation. The visitor's eyes are attracted by the huge metal bucket wheel, over 4 m 50 in diameter, operated by the nearby stream. It drives home-made machines with which Ambroise produced the tools the farmers needed. He made tongs, tooth pullers, shoes for horses, donkeys or mules... His house was the first one in the village to be lit by power before 1921 and he shared it with his neighbors. Nothing has changed; Ambroise is still there, represented by a robot made by his grandson Gabriel. The robot operates the whole complex. A second room is full of collectors' items: irons, pincers to shape glove fingers, an appliance to clean pores, a chewing machine, a poacher's gun, a replica of Baron von Drais' walking machine (the original belonged to the grandfather), wooden carriages& or the sign used during WWII: under the German name 'Hieronymus' we can still read the French name 'Ambroise', thus defying the Nazis who had annexed the region. Gabriel, the grandson, lets his imagination and ingenuity loose in the third room, where he keeps his robots. Press on a button and various toys will start moving, the roundabout which plays 40 songs, the climbing pinguin, the tight rope walker... Gaze at the car built by Gabriel in the 60s and look at the fantastic collection of toys gathered during his voyages round the world. His passion will lead you into a world of dreams for at least two hours. A fourth room is under construction.


  Arts et traditions populaires
Durée de l'activité
  2h30 min
Public ciblé


Avantages tarifaires
  Free for children (age limit) - 6ans
  Group (minimum number of people) 10 personnes
Moyen de paiement
  Holiday vouchers


90 Grand Rue, Garage Barlier
68240 Freland

Nearest Station : 15

How to go there

Tourist Office of Colmar and its region

 Place Unterlinden

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Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm

Friday 24 December: 9am to 5pm
Saturday 25 December: from 2pm to 5pm
Sunday 26 December: 10am to 1pm
Friday 31 December: 9am to 5pm
Saturday 1 January: closed  
Sunday 2 January: 10am to 1pm

Anti-covid sanitary measures

We have put in place sanitary measures to guarantee you a better safety during your stay in our premises.

    Rearranged reception area
    Disinfection of hands on entry
    Direction of circulation
    Plexiglas at the counter

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