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Alsace Parachutisme  

Adress :
43 route de Strasbourg, 68000 Colmar

Opening hours :
Open some weekends from April to October

 : English


Alsace Parachutisme, a wonderful story to share

- Alsace Parachutisme Alsace Parachutisme, born of a passion in 2007, is the only tandem jumping company guaranteeing you a skydiving experience achieved at an altitude of 4,000 metres.

Located on the Colmar Houssen airfield, Alsace Parachutisme will take you through uncharted landscapes between the Colmar plain and the foothills of the Vosges mountains, which will be the ideal witnesses for heady memories.

The capital of Central Alsace, situated between Germany, Switzerland, the Vosges, the Rhine, Strasbourg and Mulhouse. Jumps over Colmar offer breathtaking views of the Alsace plain and the foothills of the Vosges.

Come and try your hand at tandem jumping in Bartholdi's birthplace and admire from the sky the reproduction of the famous Statue of Liberty, which certainly remains the most famous work in the world!

Alsace Parachutisme offers you, for purchase or booking, an unusual gift to share with your family in Colmar, Alsace.

Check out our website or Facebook page for more details.

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  air sport
Target audience
  Adults (individuals)
  Children (individuals)
Payment method
  Credit card


From 306 € onwards €


43 route de Strasbourg, 68000 Colmar
How to go there

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From 21/07/2024 to 14/07/2027

COLMAR - 3330 m

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Guided tour: Must of Colmar (in french) 

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